About us

ift Hrvatska d.o.o. Zagreb is a company founded in partnership with the German Institute ift Rosenheim GmbH as a fully fledged partner and representative for the territory of the Republic of Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro.

For the last ten years, ift Rosenheim had a representative for our area within Euroinspekt-drvokontrola d.o.o. Zagreb in which a team of ift service experts worked.

As a consequence of the constant increase in the activities of testing and certification of construction products, Euroinspekt-drvokontrola d.o.o. departed and a new independent entity was established. It is called ift Hrvatska d.o.o., headquartered at Hugo Badalića 23, Zagreb, and now focuses exclusively on Institute services within ift Rosenheim.

In this way, ift Hrvatska d.o.o. Zagreb took over all the European accreditation, authorizations and technical permits according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 and EN ISO/IEC 17065 from the respective home of ift Rosenheim GmbH Germany.

In that manner, through the ift Rosenheim Hrvatska representative office, it is possible to carry out all the necessary procedures for certification and laboratory testing of construction products with an emphasis on windows, suspended facades, entrances and room doors, all types of profiles, glass, panels, fittings, seals for basic CE marking followed by certification.

All the activities related to certification of factory product control (FPC), product labeling ift Q by quality mark, giving expert opinions, organizing and conducting conferences, seminars, educations, and workshops are also taken over.

Rosenheim Hrvatska offers its know-how and services with the top team of experts to all interested companies in the Republic of Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia with the aim of developing products through testing and demonstrating characteristics, quality assurance and safety requirements for the end users.

By this, ift Hrvatska d.o.o. enables international recognition of ift test reports and certifications at the European and world-recognized documents.

Some of our most current services are laboratory testing of all types of windows, doors, suspended facades, glass, profiles, panels, fittings, etc., as well as the control of factory production for the purpose of product certification.

We also organize international conferences annually on WINDOW DAY - IFT ROSENHEIM HRVATSKA, followed by training, seminars, and workshops specially tailored to the clients’ requirements.

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