Terms and Conditions


  1. All orders are deemed to be accepted only upon written confirmation by ift. This written order confirmation (OC) can be supplied at a later date. Any individual agreements shall remain unaffected thereby.
  2. ift shall not be liable for any mistakes resulting from documentation and information (drawings, samples, material and product information and the like) supplied by Client.

Collection and use of data

  1. In the context of its activities as a testing, inspection and certification body, ift is obliged to mark order-relevant data and store them (current for 10 years) so that they can be tracked. For that purpose, data and information will be collected and stored, among other things, in a database system.
  2. ift shall be entitled to use data (e.g. descriptions of test specimens) and results (e.g. test and classification values) determined in the context of service provision in an anonymized manner for its own purposes e.g. for statistical surveys or technical evaluations and assessments.
  3. Client shall be entitled to object to the use of data by ift at any time and revoke consent pursuant to section “Orders” above in writing.
  4. More information on this topic can be found in Privacy Policy

Disclaimer of Warranties

Content on this website is subject to change, therefore ift Hrvatska keeps the right to update content, and makes no warranties that current content is up-to-date.


All promotional activities on the day of the conference must be arranged in advance with the organizer. The maximum number that can attend the “Day Window” conference is 300 participants, so book your seat on time.

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