Research and development

Task and mission statement

Construction products need to be continually adapted to the needs and requirements of a dynamic and increasing European market. Innovations as well as new requirements and technologies pertaining to materials and constructions must also take the service life of construction products into consideration. That is why Research and Development are the strategic pre-requisites for ensuring the market position in a sustained manner.

Research projects of ift Rosenheim are user-oriented and aligned with the mission statement “Practical solutions for practical use”. Research results can be used directly in the form of construction recommendations, standards, guidelines or data sheets.

ift Rosenheim can also take care of your entire project management − from the analysis to applying for financing from various funds and right up to the publication of results or providing scientific support at the time of the market launch.


Services to research projects

  • Contract research and examinations in the light of the development according to the requirements of the customer,
  • Support with the acquisition of funds,
  • Support for lodging the application and project formulation,
  • Project management,
  • Development and examination of products.
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